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Canada, ey!

This past week has seen many adventures.  Canada was freezing cold but the SMOG crew definitely warmed it up.  Ottawa had some amazing vibes and it being the Canadian Capital provided some really amazing architecture and some really cool locals.  The following day we made the drive to Toronto, which […]

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Albany & Rochester

It’s been a crazy and very cold past few days on the Smog City Tour.  Although I miss the warm embrace of California, I have to say being around all this amazing and historic architecture makes me realize how few historic buildings exist in Los Angeles.  Saturday night the crew […]

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One of the perks of touring is that you get to meet tons of amazing people.  The weird part about it is that while you go to many cities, you don’t really have the time to see the actual city or the parts of it that make it famous.  Such […]

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